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Keeleveeb multiple dictionary and corpora query is a project initiated by an Estonian language technology company "Filosoft". Although there are several online dictionaries, both Estonian monolingual and bilingual containing Estonian, they are sometimes difficult to find and their simultaneous use is definitely complicated. The idea behind "keeleveeb" (it translates "language web" in English) is to carry out a query over many language resources — dictionaries and corpora.
Estonian is a moprhologically rich language, and to find a word in corpus text is not a trivial task, most propably the word that one is interested in, is in some inflected form, that is not the dictionary keyword form (singular nominative for nouns and supine for verbs). Thatswhy morphological analyser and synthesizer are integrated into the system as well.
The user interface is in Estonian, English and Russian, query can be not only for Estonian, but for other languages in the dictionaries as well (eg. English, Russian, Finnish, German).

Tool type


Tool task

browse, corpus exploration

Key words

data, dictionary, corpus, lexicon, multi-lingual

Research domain

Translation, Acquisition, Lexicology


Multiple languages



CLARIN centre

Contact person

Neeme Kahusk


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