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The general research question to which we want to give an answer in the showcase is the following: Are there differences/similarities in the way specific communicative body behaviours are used in different European countries? It is well known that many emblems are culturally specific, so it should not be difficult to identify examples. The answers will be provided by showing examples, that is audio and video clips, of similar and/or different behaviours in videos from more countries. The clips will be accompanied by translations of co-speech when necessary and the indication of the behaviours/their function etc. The showcase involves multimodal, multilingual and multicultural aspects. Requirements, work to be done The showcase requires annotated multimodal data where some of these behaviours occur. We assume that other partners have multimodal annotated data, as we have. We would identify comparable clips in these existing data. A possible problem lies in the privacy/copyright area: are we allowed to put the clips on the internet? If this is not the case, a possible solution is to create video clips with our colleagues reproducing “existing” behaviours and use these in the showcase. 

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data, multi-lingual, multi-modal

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Communication Studies, Body Language


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CLARIN centre

University of Copenhagen

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Costanza Navarretta


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