QuaMeRDES Quantitative Content Analysis of Media Researchers’ Data


The QuaMeRDES demonstrator will enable quantitative content analysis of television and printed media. Key is providing meaningful links to various streams of information relevant to media studies scholars. This includes television broadcasts, newspaper archives, metadata records and also time-based information, notably subtitle files. QuaMeRDES will expand the existing tool MeRDES (Media Researchers’ Data Exploration Suite) , developed in the NWO-CATCH project BRIDGE. MeRDES is an analysis tool that visualises trends in extensive catalogues maintained by archives. This tool will be expanded to support principles of quantitative content analysis and explore new data visualisation paradigms. The result will integrate wrappers that read and write metadata and provenance information provided by the CLARIN infrastructure. QuaMeRDES will be evaluated in a specific case study that enables media studies scholars to come to new insights about how representations of migrants on Dutch television are related to social, cultural and political values in Dutch society.

Tool type

Tool for creating own tools and resources

Tool task

analysis, visualisation

Key words

service, multi-media

Research domain

Communication & Media Studies





CLARIN centre

The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision

Contact person

Dr. Jasmijn van Gorp



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