TTNWW – TST Tools voor het Nederlands als Webservices in een Workflow


TTNWW integrates and makes available existing Language Technology (LT) software components for the Dutch language that have been developed in the STEVIN and CGN projects. The LT components are made available as web-services in a simplified workflow system that enables researchers without much technical background to use standard LT workflow recipes. 

Tool type

Processing flow

Tool task

parsing, audio-visual processing, speech recognition, speech transcription, up/down sampling, text processing, chunking, co-reference assignment, grammatical relation assignment, multiword unit identification, ortographic normalisation, POS tagging, tokenization, lemmatisation, NE recognition

Key words

service, speech processing, text processing, web-application, web-service

Research domain

Communication & Media Studies, History, Oral History, Linguistics, Morpho-syntax, Ortography, Discourse, Semantics, Syntax




Netherlands/Dutch Language Union

CLARIN centre

Meertens Institute (portal) and others (web-services)

Contact person

Marc Kemps-Snijders (NL), Ineke Schuurman (VL)


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