AAM-LR: Automatic Annotation of Multi-modal Language Resources


The AAM-LR web service helps researchers to annotate audio- and video-recordings. At the top level the service marks the time intervals at which specific persons in the recording are speaking. In addition, the service provides a global phonetic annotation, using language independent phone models and phonetic features. Speech is separated from speaker noises such as laughing. The output of the web service is fed into the ELAN/ANNEX editor, to facilitate further manual annotation. The annotations conform to ISOCat and potential new categories were added to ISOCat.

Tool type

Tool for creating own tools and resources

Tool task

audio-visual processing, diarization

Key words

service, speech processing, web-service, multi-lingual

Research domain

Linguistics, Language Documentation


Language independent



CLARIN centre

Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics

Contact person

Project leader: Em. prof. dr. Lou Boves (Radboud University)



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