CLARIN services overview

The following list shows selected examples of applications, tools and resources available and being developed within CLARIN – the pan-European research infrastructure for language technology. The list includes numerous services  of different types which enable a variety of applications in humanities and social sciences. The indicated similarities and analogies between applications, tools and resources reveal the potential and possibilities of cooperation in creating services of cross-lingual range and in combining the existing services and applications in more comprehensive solutions.

1.      Genuine applications – applications available online which do not require installation or technical knowledge and which answer a specific research question;

2.      Processing flows – processing chains created by a user by choosing from the available tools and providing own research material;

3.      Tools for creating own tools and resources – tools that usually require installation and technical knowledge of varying levels;

4.      Resources – corpora, dictionaries, databases and wordnets providing research material, sometimes containing tools for quantitative and qualitative analysis of varying degrees of complexity;

5.      Tree bank tools.

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Genuine applications

Processing flows

Tools for creating own tools and resources


Tree bank tools