CLAVAS: CLARIN Vocabulary Access Service


The CLARIN-NL CLAVAS project extends CATCHPlus' OpenSKOS with CLARIN specific components: first, it publishes three vocabularies required by the CLARIN community and it offers tools to keep those vocabularies synchronised with their sources. And second, it offers an interactive web application that can be used to curate existing vocabularies directly in OpenSKOS or to create new ones from scratch (the OpenSKOS Editor).
Of course CLAVAS meets general CLARIN requirements, like authentication using federated identities and use of persistent identifiers or stable resolvable http URIs for vocabularies and their elements. CLAVAS components are or will be tested in realistic usage scenarios concerning metadata editing, metadata curation and vocabulary maintenance.

Tool type


Tool task

vocabulary curation, metadata editing, metadata curation

Key words

data, metadata, web-application

Research domain




CLARIN centre

Meertens Institute

Contact person

Hennie Brugman


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