Welcome to CLARIN-PL!

CLARIN (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure) is a pan-European research infrastructure intended for the humanities and social sciences. It facilitates work with very large collections of texts.


Available tools and resources:


corpus search engine for a large collection of annotated Polish-English parallel texts.

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Polish language wordnet - a large network of words and a lexico-semantic database

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Words of the Day

words most frequently used in media

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CLARIN-PL in a nutshell

The CLARIN network provides software which enables the use of the previously developed digital archives and corpora, and new resources are created, stored and shared. It is also possible to work on raw text published on the Internet in such forms as press releases, articles, blogs and other documents. Future plans include the construction of tools for the analysis of recorded speech in broadcasts, video blogs and so on.

Unlike the commercial Internet search engines, which work best with small sets of key words, CLARIN software attempts to understand analyzed texts, so the users receive information related to their interest without having to try various combinations of terms. This is especially useful when searching very large sets of source texts for connections between such specific elements as people, places, institutions or enterprises.

CLARIN tools will support a variety of language-processing tasks, including automatic text summarisation, search for entity names, and morphological and syntactic analysis of documents. Processing of this kind will help, for example, those who study the political, social or advertising discourse.

Applications available via CLARIN have a user-friendly interface which does not require advanced knowledge of information technology. The tools built for Polish (CLARIN-PL) follow the standards which make them fully compatible with services offered by other European CLARIN centers. This ensures the flexibility in combining individual tools into multi-step processing systems – multi-lingual systems as well – and thus makes it possible to maximise the amount of information acquired from text.


We adapt CLARIN tools to individual needs and help in the development of source materials. Researchers interested in our services please contact us.