Created by CLARIN-PL LTC, PolLinguaTech Knowledge Centre obtained the certificate of CLARIN K Centre

PolLinguaTech was founded to provide researchers with the crucial knowledge about the applications of natural language processing (NLP) with a special emphasis put on Polish language processing. The Centre provides indispensible documentation  (technical documents, user manuals), organises trainings and offers help and advice on each stage of research.

PolLinguaTech functions at CLARIN-PL Language Technology Centre – one of the leading language technology research and development centers focusing on Polish language. The offer of PolLinguaTech is identical with the current offer of LTC. Gaining the Clarin K Centre Certificate will allow to better coordinate activities dedicated to the promotion of knowledge about language technologies and the institutionalised form of user assistance.

We encourage you to take advantage of the offer of CTJ and PolLinguaTech and to contact our employees.


PolLinguaTech – Knowledge webpage: LINK

Clarin K Centre Certificate: LINK

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