IS PAS corpora license

LICENSE Agreement

for use of the work

in CLARIN (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure) Project

§ 1


§ 2

1. The Licensor declares that the Works do not violate rights of third parties. The Works

were prepared with respect to author rights of other authors.

2. The Licensor declares that:

a) he is an owner of proprietary author rights to the Works under this Agreement,

b) he can dispose proprietary author rights to the Works in the scope necessary to conclude

c) his proprietary author rights in the Works have not been seized in enforcement

d) no agreements or contracts, which would make the conclusion or

execution of this agreement impossible, exist.

§ 3

The Licensor grants to the Licensee a free of charge license to make use of the Works for the

purpose of the scholarly CLARIN project (Common Language Resources and Technology

Infrastructure, hereinafter „Project”), whose basic principle are described in the Internet site clarin- The Licensor declares that he is fully aware of the purpose and methods of making use of the

Works within the Project. This license covers the right to execute by the Licensor and the people

who cooperate with the Licensor in the execution of the Project, all the activities that are necessary

for the construction, compilation and development as well as for making use of the corpus that will

originate with the use of the Works within the Project and applies to the following fields of

exploitation of the Works: (I) store and make multiple copies of the Works in any technique,

except print, in connection with construction, development, compilation or making use of the

corpus; (II) digitalize the Works; (III) introducing to circulation, loaning or renting the Works;

(IV) disseminate the Works in any way and any form, also without material conveyers, including

granting access to the Works to end users of the corpus; (V) public display, transmission,

reproduction, broadcasting of the Works in conjunction with the construction, development or use

of the corpus in whole or in part; (VI) public dissemination of the Works in such a way that

anybody can have access to them in place and time of his choice, in particular granting access in

the intranet web and in the w Internet via the interface of enquiries in connection with the

construction, development, compilation or making use of the whole or of the part of the corpus;

(VII) making use of the Works in whole as designated in § 1 or in parts, in a free arrangements

and collections. Taking into account the purpose of making use of the Works by the Licensee, the

Licensor makes an obligation not to use his proprietary personal author rights, in particular the

right to scrupulous use of the Works because of their application within the Project, and agrees to

anonymous dissemination of the Works.. In the case that the Licensor is not the author of the

Works, but a subject of secondary rights, declarations in the previous sentence have the character

of an announcement that the author of the Works will not execute his proprietary personal author

rights and agrees for anonymous dissemination of Works.

§ 4

Apart from granting license in the fields of exploitation listed in § 3 above, the Licensor also

grants free of charge permission for the execution by the Licensee of a dependent author right to

all compilations of the Works(i.e., permission to use and exploit compilations of the Works), that

finally will originate in conjunction with the construction, development and use of the corpus, in

the field of exploitation, which are mentioned in § 3 above; such a permission has legal effects

from the moment of origination of a given compilation, with no need to make any additional

§ 5

The Licensee has the right to grant next licenses (sublicenses) for the use of the Works in the

above scope.

§ 6

The Licensee Has the right to transfer whole or in part rights or responsibilities under this license

to a third party, in particular if such a subject was created with the aim of further constructing,

developing and managing the corpus, and the Licensor herby declares that he agrees to it.

§ 7

This license is granted to the Licensee for a determined period, i.e. from the day of signing this

agreement by the Licensor to the day of the termination of whole proprietary rights to the Works.

Taking into account the purpose of this license, the Licensor purposefully declares that until

proprietary author rights to the Works expire he will not revoke this license for any reason. In the

event that this responsibility turned out invalid, the parties determine the period of denunciation of

this agreement for 20 years effective at the end of calendar year.

§ 8

The license granted under this agreement allows the Licensee to use the Works in the above listed

fields of exploitation with no territorial limits.

§ 9

1. The Licensor declares that the Works under this Agreement are not subject to any

claims and any other rights of third parties.

2. In the event that claims against the Licensee by third party because of violation – in

effect of ma king use by the Licensee from the Works in the scope determined by this agreement –

author right or any other claim in conjunction with the use of Works, the Licensee will let the

Licensor about this fact, and the latter will join the proceedings on the side of the Licensee, and

will relieve the Licensee from responsibility in the scope of the use of the Works.

§ 10

1. The agreement is governed by Polish law.

2. The court solely proper to judge arguments resulting from this agreement is a court of

local jurisdiction for the seat of the Licensee.

§ 11

All changes and modifications of this agreement require consent of both parties and will be valid

§ 12

This license agreement is made in two identical copies, one per each party. An exact English

translation is attached to this agreement, signed by the two parties; in case of doubt, however, they

will be bound by the Polish version.

Applicable to the excerpts of the following works:

  • Oleg Minkov, Król Bezsenek
  • Emilian Stanev, Łakomy niedźwiadek
  • Georgi Karasławow, Uczone myszy
  • Paulo Coelho, Jedenaście minut
  • Paulo Coelho, Alchemik
  • Paulo Coelho, Czarownica z Portobello
  • Paulo Coelho, Demon i panna Prym
  • Paulo Coelho, Na brzegu rzeki Piedry usiadłam i płakałam
  • Paulo Coelho, Piąta góra
  • Angel Wagenstein, Daleko od Toledo, czyli rzecz o Abrahamie Pijanicy
  • Angel Wagenstein, Pięcioksiąg Izaaka

The other works are available under CC BY-SA 3.0