NameTag is an open-source tool for named entity recognition (NER). NameTag identifies proper names in text and classifies them into predefined categories, such as names of persons, locations, organizations, etc. NameTag is distributed as a standalone tool or a library, along with trained linguistic models. In the Czech language, NameTag achieves state-of-the-art performance (Straková et al. 2013). NameTag is a free software under LGPL license and the linguistic models are free for non-commercial use and distributed under CC BY-NC-SA license, although for some models the original data used to create the model may impose additional licensing conditions.

Tool type

Tool for creating own tools and resources

Tool task

NE recognition

Key words

classifier, text processing, web-service

Research domain

Computational Linguistics, Linguistics


English, Czech



CLARIN centre

Charles University in Prague

Contact person

Milan Straka; Jana Straková


Similar to

Liner2, NameScape, Person name recognizer