Searching complex treebanks: the PML-TQ search engine and interface


The PML-TQ search engine and interface (e.g. at, described at allows for searching and displaying complex treebanks in many formats, including parallel ones. The interface allows text- or example-based query entry, tree display (SVG), and powerful postprocessing of results – from simple counting and aggregation of results (statistics) to extraction of words, phrases, labels, or whole trees for further processing. Currently, 25+ treebanks (including the well-known ones such as the Penn Treebank, TIGER, PDT etc.) have been converted to be indexed by the underlying search engine (database), and several of them are 
freely available for the public while other are being negotiated. The engine and interface itself is freely available for anyone who might want to install it at their site; however, a web-service API is being prepared to allow for remote access from complex web applications. The showcase will demonstrate the power of the engine and the search interface on several examples from different treebanks

Tool type

Tree bank tool

Tool task

search, trees processing

Key words

treebanks, web-application

Research domain

Computational Linguistics, Linguistics




CLARIN centre

Charles University in Prague

Contact person

Michal Sedlák


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