SHEBANQ System for HEBrew Text: ANnotations for Queries and Markup


The WIVU Hebrew Text Database contains the Hebrew text of the Old Testament enriched with many linguistic features at the morpheme level up to the discourse level. This work of decades is currently represented in an object database that is optimized for linguistically relevant queries. However, this resource is not readily available to researchers, and moreover, work based on this resource cannot be linked to it on the web. The curation part of this project will create a durable representation of the contents of the WIVU database in LAF plus an annotatable Linked Data export in RDF. There will be persistent addresses for fine-grained fragments. The demonstrator part will be a web application that enables researchers to perform linguistic queries on the web resource and preserve significant results as annotations to this resource. The more than 100 different features will be defined in ISOcat and used by CMDI profiles.

Tool type


Tool task

browse, search

Key words

data, web-application

Research domain

History, Theology





CLARIN centre

Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)

Contact person

Prof. dr. Wido van Peursen


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