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The Internet Language Guide is a service (web application) developed at the Institute of the Czech Language and Natural Language Processing Centre at Masaryk University in Brno. It serves the general public by providing lexical and grammatical resources at one spot, with a simple search interface and a comprehensive texts, explanations and documents regarding correct use of the Czech language in various communication situations and for various purposes. The Internet Language Guide will be further developed and resources added to become the entry point for anyone wanting to learn about the correct Czech language usage, be it in a comprehensive manner of for immediate use; currently, the ILG gets 8.4 million hits a year, a number which we hope to at least double over the next few years. The showcase will show the resources used, the software tools (including lexical database software capable of storing, processing and combining large and rich lexical data) which are behind the interface, the overall organization of the ILG and demonstrate concrete use of the interface.

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search, browse

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data, web-application

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Communication, Linguistics


Czech, English



CLARIN centre

Masaryk University

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