Treex (formerly TectoMT) is a highly modular NLP framework implemented in Perl programming language under Linux.
It is primarily aimed at Machine Translation, making use of the ideas and technology created during the Prague Dependency Treebank project. At the same time, it is also hoped to significantly facilitate and accelerate development of software solutions of many other NLP tasks, especially due to re-usability of the numerous integrated processing modules (called blocks), which are equipped with uniform object-oriented interfaces.

Tool type

Tool for creating own tools and resources

Tool task

analysis, lemmatization, machine translation, NE recognition, parsing, POS tagging

Key words

web-application, web-service, text processing

Research domain

Computational Linguistics, Linguistics, Translation


English, Czech



CLARIN centre

Charles University in Prague

Contact person

Michal Sedlak


Similar to

Česílko, Moses Web Demo