WebLicht is an execution environment for automatic annotation of text corpora. Linguistic tools such as tokenizers, part of speech taggers, and parsers are encapsulated as web services, which can be combined by the user into custom processing chains. The resulting annotations can then be visualized in an appropriate way, such as in a table or tree format.
Many of the tools incorporated into WebLicht have existed as command-line or desktop tools for many years and are well know within the linguistic community. Others have been developed specifically for use with WebLicht. By making these tools available on the web and by use of a common data format for storing the annotations, WebLicht provides a way to combine them into processing chains.
It is often the case that a tool relies on one or more annotation layers to exist in the input data before it can begin processing. WebLicht assists the user in building a processing chain by determining which tools are able to operate on the data at any given point and offering only those tools as options to add to the chain. 

Tool type

Processing flow

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annotation, workflow, visualisation, mapping, search, tokenization, POS tagging, parsing

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text processing, web-application

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CLARIN centre

Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft, Abteilung Computerlinguistik, Tübingen

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