DSpace – digital repository for data depositing and archiving


DSpace is a digital repository that enables users to create secure archives with long-term data storage (i.e. text documents and multimedia resources). The files are deposited and archived in the repository directly via a web browser; no installation of third-party software is required.

DSpace is a secure and free system designed to share and administer data for corpus research. Not only does the repository allow users to share and exchange data, but it also enables them to co-create extensive corpora. Publishing is mostly based on the rules of Creative Commons (open-source tools), thus encouraging participation in the global network of databases.

The system facilitates the handling, collection and processing of various text file formats. Users are additionally welcome to exercise advanced search options and download tools used for corpus development. Data may be accessed from many places, using various tools and systems (Google, VLO, DataCite, OLAC, Data Citation Index, arXive).

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