NER – tools for recognizing named entities and temporal expressions in various languages:

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Named Entity Recognition (NER) is an open-access generic framework for information extraction tasks, including recognition of named entities, temporal expressions, spatial expressions and events in various languages. Its purpose is to find proper names in text and to assign them to appropriate semantic categories. At present, there are 56 categories. Temporal description supports further event identification and extends event description model, focussing on anchoring events in time, events ordering and reasoning about the persistence of events. Extracting named entities and temporal expressions is a helpful mechanism, especially in indicating their etymology, in exploring the relationship between names and religion, history, culture or values ​​in a given community, or in the evolution of these terms throughout history. The results in XML format can be used to search the text, for example, by words in specific categories such as names of people, bodies of water, enterprises and so on.