Linguistic resources are sets of data and databases organized in the form of descriptions of selected aspects of natural language and their use. The following types of language resources are distinguished below:

  • “CLARIN resource search systems” – systems for searching language resources and tools as well as for specific patterns in datasets from the overall CLARIN resources; the number of resources is so huge that reaching a full-scale overview is virtually impossible without technical assistance; the systems also provide a user-friendly overview of the available language resources in the CLARIN infrastructure for researchers from digital humanities, social sciences and human language technologies
  • “CLARIN-PL data storage and sharing systems” – systems for creating secure archives, which enable long-term data storage in the form of text documents and multimedia resources; the systems also provide tools for creating and searching corpora;
  • “Resources developed within the CLARIN-PL infrastructure” – systems financed and prepared within the framework of human resources of the CLARIN-PL infrastructure;
  • “Examples of resources developed by external users of CLARIN-PL” – resources created for the need of external users (who were oftentimes project managers and founders) with the assistance of tools and services offered by CLARIN-PL

CLARIN resource search systems:



A service for exploring language resources and tools

A tool for finding specific patterns across collections of data

An overview of the available open-access language resources in the CLARIN infrastructure

CLARIN-PL data storage and sharing systems:



A digital repository for data depositing and archiving

A working platform integrated with CLARIN-PL tools

An open-source corpus search engine of the Polish language

An online search tool for the Polish chronological corpus

Resources developed within the CLARIN-PL infrastructure:



A Polish Language Corpus of the Wroclaw University of Technology

A conversation data search engine

A bilingual parallel body of contemporary texts

A collection of texts from plenary sessions of the Polish Sejm and Senate

A search engine for Polish-English annotated parallel corpora

A large semantic relational dictionary of Polish language

A valencing dictionary of Polish predicates

An online search system for the Polish lexicographic sources

Examples of resources developed by external users of CLARIN-PL:



A corpus of a thousand literary texts under an open licence

Territorial policy documents of the European Union