Tools for determining text similarity (stylometric analysis):

  • WebSty
  • Multilingual WebSty


WebSty is an open-source web system for performing stylometric analyzes. It is equipped with built-in language tools used for text processing as well as systems for statistical analysis and text grouping, enabling data analysis in terms of grammatical, lexical or thematic parameters. The WebSty system can be used to identify differences and common features within a group of texts – for example, when determining their authorship. Stylometric analysis allows users to choose texts which show common affiliation to the genre, literary, functional, author-specific style, etc. WebSty can be successfully used in scientific research by literary scholars, linguists, cultural scientists, sociologists, political scientists and historians.

The WebSty application aims to reduce the technological barrier for users in accessing stylometric tools. The results of the analysis are presented using extensive visualization techniques of the obtained results (heat maps, radar charts, multidimensional scaling).