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dc.description WMBT (Wrocław Memory-Based Tagger) is a simple morpho-syntactic tagger for Polish producing state-of-the-art results. WMBT uses TiMBL API as the underlying Memory-Based Learning implementation. The features for classification are generated by using WCCL. WMBT uses a tiered tagging approach. Grammatical class is disambiguated first, then subsequent attributes (as defined in a config file) are taken care of. Each attribute may be supplied a different set of features. The software package comes with default configurations for KIPI/IPIC and NKJP tagsets (kipi-guess.ini and nkjp-guess.ini).
dc.language.iso pol
dc.publisher Wrocław University of Technology
dc.title WMBT
dc.type toolService
metashare.ResourceInfo#ContactInfo#PersonInfo.givenName Maciej
metashare.ResourceInfo#ContactInfo#PersonInfo.surname Piasecki
metashare.ResourceInfo#ContactInfo#PersonInfo#OrganizationInfo.organizationName Wrocław University of Technology
metashare.ResourceInfo#ContentInfo.detailedType tool
metashare.ResourceInfo#ResourceComponentType#ToolServiceInfo.languageDependent true
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hasMetadata false
has.files no
branding CLARIN-PL

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