Show simple item record Kocoń, Jan Zaśko-Zielińska, Monika Miłkowski, Piotr Janz, Arkadiusz Piasecki, Maciej 2019-07-31T21:30:26Z 2019-07-31T21:30:26Z 2019-07-31
dc.description Wroclaw Corpus of Consumer Reviews is a corpus of Polish reviews annotated with sentiment at the level of the whole text (*text*) and at the level of sentences (*sentence*) for the following domains: hotels, medicine, products and university (reviews*). Sentences are annotated with sentiment only for hotels and medicine. Each *sentence* file contains a single sentence with a sentiment __label__z_X and each *text* file contains a single review with a sentiment __label__meta_X. Regardless a resource type, X can be: minus_m -- strong negative; minus_s -- weak negative, zero -- neutral, amb -- ambiguous, plus_s -- weak positive, plus_m -- strong positive. *all* sets are groups of all domains within each text/sentence type. Train/dev/test divisions were used for the evaluation. Results are available in the following paper: @InProceedings{Kocon2019, Title = {{Multi-level analysis and recognition of the text sentiment on the example of consumer opinions}}, Author = {Koco{\'n}, Jan and Zaśko-Zielińska, Monika and Miłkowski, Piotr}, Booktitle = {Proceedings of the International Conference Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing, RANLP 2019}, Year = {2019}, } Please cite this paper if you use this resource.
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dc.title Wroclaw Corpus of Consumer Reviews Sentiment (WCCRS)
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