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dc.description The corpus presents a historical overview of street and place (park, bridge, square) name changes in the years 1916-2018 for three Polish cities: Poznań, Słubice and Zbąszyń. Included are the data for 2,582 streets in Poznań, 139 streets in Słubice and 105 streets in Zbąszyń, marked for the year of the introduction of a street name, the year when the name was changed or translated (if applicable), and the year when the name was removed (if applicable).
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dc.publisher Adam Mickiewicz University
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dc.subject linguistic landscape
dc.subject street names
dc.subject Poznań
dc.subject Słubice
dc.subject Zbąszyń
dc.title Street name changes in Poznań, Słubice and Zbąszyń, Poland 1916-2018
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Corpus of street name changes in 1916-2018 in Poznań, Słubice and Zbąszyń.
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