About us

In brief


CLARIN-PL is a Polish scientific consortium, part of the European Research Infrastructure CLARIN (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure). It is made up of six research units that develop electronic language resources and tools for working with large collections of texts in Polish. This infrastructure provides modern digital solutions in conducting research for scientists (mainly representing the humanities and social sciences). The use of CLARIN software and apparatus is free of charge, and the maintenance of the Polish infrastructure node – the CLARIN-PL Language Technology Centre at the Wrocław University of Technology) is financed by the Ministry of National Education (Poland). The Centre coordinates the development of resources and tools, ensures the maintenance of technical facilities and conducts activities aimed at popularizing language engineering solutions in the academic environment by organizing workshops and consultations as well as by editing training materials.


The European Research Infrastructure CLARIN ERIC was established in 2012. Its aim is to provide citizens (especially scientists, lecturers and students) with specialized data collections, knowledge and technical capabilities to conduct research involving the processing of large collections of texts in natural languages. This infrastructure is dispersed – this means that its centres are scattered in various locations, mainly in Europe, but also in the USA and South Africa. (MORE ABOUT CLARIN-ERIC)

Vision and mission


The priority objective of CLARIN-PL is to provide Polish scientists with all the resources needed to conduct research that requires the use of methods for processing large collections of texts. Our infrastructure is unique on a global scale, because it was created especially for the Polish language and provides user-specific solutions ensuring precise results for research on texts prepared in this language.


The CLARIN network services are available under open licenses to researchers from countries forming the CLARIN ERIC consortium. The services are particularly geared towards researchers in the humanities and social sciences and all those who work with written documents and speech in any European language. CLARIN provides researchers with universal tools for natural language analysis and an open-access archive of linguistic resources and source materials.


CLARIN ERIC Management Board and National Consortia

CLARIN’s governing body at European level is a consortium of countries called CLARIN ERIC, made up of national governments and intergovernmental organizations. The main objective of CLARIN ERIC is to build, coordinate and manage the CLARIN infrastructure.

CLARIN Centres – knowledge nodes

The basic units that make up the CLARIN structure are centres that provide a clearly defined scope of services:

The structure of the Polish node – CLARIN-PL

In Poland, the unit responsible for the implementation of the goals set for CLARIN ERIC is the CLARIN-PL Language Technology Centre (type B and K Centres) located at the Wrocław University of Technology. The most important function of the Centre is to maintain and make available IT tools (software), data resources and machines equipped with appropriate computing power. The above elements constitute the basic infrastructure necessary for language processing; these components are delivered and developed by the CLARIN-PL Consortium associating six scientific units: the Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the University of Łódź, the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the University of Wrocław, the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology and the Wrocław University of Technology – the project leader.

What is the European Research Infrastructure?


The CLARIN project was launched thanks to the financial support of the European Commission and is now fully funded by the member countries. In the case of Poland, the Ministry of Education and Science is the administrative body financing the activities of the CLARIN-PL Language Technology Centre.

The use of the CLARIN infrastructure is free of charge for research and teaching purposes.


We attempt to make the use of our tools and applications as simple and intuitive as possible. To make it easier, we organize training sessions, workshops, and provide individual consultations – if you need any of these, please contact us (link). We also try to develop documentation containing instructions, tutorials and descriptions of illustrative infrastructure use. However, we are aware that our offer does not always meet the requirements of researchers – in such a case, do not hesitate to contact us. You are also more than welcome to contact us if you have an idea on how to extend existing functions.

The basic pillar of our development strategy is contact with the user – we try to monitor the use of the infrastructure and diagnose the needs that have not been noticed thus far. These observations and suggestions allow us to choose the best direction of service development.