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CLARIN-PL supports researchers, lecturers, teachers, and (PhD) students in their research and teaching activities in the humanities and social sciences. In particular, we support activities that involve the use of data in the form of texts in natural languages the focus is laid on Polish, but we do not forget about the richness of the linguistic world around us we also have much experience with other languages.

Both the use of services and resources provided by CLARIN-PL, as well as workshops, individual appointments and access to training materials are free of charge, thanks to the consortium’s funding by the science department of the Polish Government (initially by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, later by the Ministry of Science and Education).

The support of the CLARIN-PL infrastructure comprises the following areas: 

Development, maintenance and provision of language tools/resources

Collecting information on the needs of our users to facilitate the adaptation of infrastructure

Training and promotional activities

Our ongoing assistance with the use of language processing technology in research

Assistance in research planning

The CLARIN-PL consortium pursues the mission of promoting knowledge about the possibilities of using machine language processing technologies in the humanities and social sciences through substantive, technical and organizational support.


Should you have any questions, suggestions or ideas for collaboration, please do not hesitate to contact us:

CLARIN-PL scientific consortium coordinator dr hab. inż. Maciej Piasecki:

user assistant dr Jan Wieczorek:

technical director mgr inż. Tomasz Naskręt: 

business user support:

Questions about the functioning of the webservice should be addressed here:

Address for correspondence: 

Maciej Piasecki, pok. 4.19

Łukasiewicza 5 

50-370 Wrocław

tel. 713204224