CLARIN (Common Language Resources & Technology Infrastructure) is a pan-European scientific infrastructure which enables researchers in the humanities and social sciences to work comfortably with very large collections of texts.

Welcome to the CLARIN-PL website. We are delighted to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website. We hope you like the improved navigation that will allow you to find information about our activities, the readily available infrastructure elements and methods of communicating with the Consortium team. Here is a short overview of what you will find in the menu-bar above:

Basic information about what CLARIN-PL is, how we are funded, what our objectives are and how to contact us

Up-to-date commentary on relevant activities in the CLARIN universe as well as in the digital humanities and digital social sciences

Guide to language resources that are produced or provided by CLARIN infrastructure

Guide to language processing tools and applications

Archive containing training materials, manuals, tutorials, and workshop presentations, all provided to facilitate the efficient use of CLARIN infrastructure

Access to the repository site where all the CLARIN team’s work is collected; you can upload your own language resources here too!