Paralela – parallel corpus of Polish-English and English-Polish translations amd search engine


Paralela is as an open-ended, opportunistic parallel corpus of Polish-English and English-Polish translations. It currently contains over 260 million words in nearly 11 million translation segments in the Polish version. A search engine, available as a web application, has also been developed for the corpus. Its syntax allows to formulate queries about single words, phrases and lexical-grammatical patterns. It is also possible to filter the results according to typological and bibliographical criteria and export them as spreadsheets. The detailed content of the corpus, both at the level of metadata and the texts themselves, can be viewed using a special search engine module.

Bibliographic address of the main publication (in case of using Paralela, please cite this publication):

Pęzik, P. (2016). Exploring Phraseological Equivalence with Paralela. In: Gruszczyńska, E., & Leńko-Szymańska, A. (Eds.), Polish-Language Parallel Corpora, 67–81. Warsaw: Instytut Lingwistyki Stosowanej UW.

Auxiliary materials: